Email us pictures of your space, as well as accurate dimensions, and fill out the design questionnaire under our 'contact us' page. We will discuss with you your specific needs, wants and style ideas, and in turn, will create an electronic design for you that will include the following:



Design Concept Board

We will take all components of the room designed and photoshop them onto a design board to give you a better idea of how everything will look together. This board is detailed and labeled to give you a concrete idea of how the design is to be executed.

Space Planning Board

This is a detailed birds-eye CAD drawing of your space with exact measurements and furniture placement drawn to scale. This process eliminates any worry about whether pieces will fit in your space and what the best layout option is for your specific room.

Shopping List

The shopping list outlines every item sourced from the design concept board, with shoppable links for all items. We also provide you with additional options for everything to give you a wide range of preferences to choose from.

And That's it!  The result of this process is an easy, stress-free, and beautifully designed space tailored for all budgets alike

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Design Board Examples