Lead by principal designer Melissa Reynolds, she believes that expertly created design services do not have to be expensive to achieve the look and feel you are wanting for your home. It is possible to have a beautiful home even if you have small children, pets or minimal funds. Melissa is passionate about creating a space you can feel comfortable in and that best represents your personality. 

Our approach to online-only designs comes from Melissa's years of working in e-design for larger interior design firms. It was there she realized how much this particular service helps clients all over the country have the opportunity to work with talented interior designers, but at their own pace and with much smaller budgets. 

By taking a unique approach to each design project, whether it’s contemporary, traditional, coastal, mid century or a combination of them all, we can create unique and functioning designs for all clients alike.

A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should life us emotionally and spiritually.
— John Saladino